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Miyabi Hot Uncencored

Photo Selebritis Indonesia

Rabu, 19 Januari 2011

Photo Selebritis Indonesia

The HOT Milf angel Lelga

Posted: 07 Jan 2011 02:31 PM PST

This is second post i write about angel Lelga,  lately she has change her initial name to be "angeliq", hmm some like cuties name but afterall i found some picture of her when she attending movie award or something like that and wearing mini skirt dress,  for you who doesnt know who she is, you can check on our old post here

Sexy Girls at New York Comic Festival 2010

Posted: 08 Nov 2010 03:27 AM PST

if you seing these Hot girls on that event, you must know where to find the store...well, several picture bellow allow us to imagine how many sexy girls on that festival. But i will tell you they were wearing some kind like heroes custom whether its play on console games or movie / comic heroes. Yes ...they absolutely awesome, check this out promotion girls take an action...

street fighter custome

sexy green custome

which one do you choose ?

if you want to know further about the comic festival, just go here you will get plenty resource there. Cheers

Sexy Pose Chinese Model Sun Yi Qi

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 01:29 AM PDT

Who is Sun Yiqi ? Yes this sexy picture i present to you with wonderfull angle shot on cars, Sun Yiqi is chinese model also an actress, let see the sexy pose :

14 Sexy Celebrity Killing Legs

Posted: 07 Nov 2010 01:11 AM PDT

You know what, lately im too lazy to create update in this blog, but today i'll give some sexy celebrity leg that will kill you hehe. This following girls have nice and sexy legs, they often seen on tv


Minka Kelly Sexiest Wowen of The Year

Posted: 23 Oct 2010 01:10 AM PDT

Finally Minka Kelly has a winner the sexiest woman The  Esquire version, they said "sexiest woman alive". After some time ago had Megan Fox is elected then maybe this is a new decision for us all by the experience minka kelly has a lot of talents and abilities in addition beside her beautiful face she also had starred in several big movies.

Minka Kelly Profile :

Sure Name : Minka Kelly

Born:  Los Angles and Raised in Mexico City

Best Known For: Being perhaps the most exquisite example of what happens when Irish and French genes combine. Urm, what I meant to say was Friday Night Lights and her engagement to New York Yankees player Derek Jeter

Filmography :

Turbo-Charged Prelude for 2 Fast 2 Furious at 2004, Devil's Highway at 2005 role as River, The Pumpkin Karver at 2006 role as Tammy, , The Kingdom at 2007 role as Ms. Ross, (500) Days of Summer at 2009 Role as Autumn, The Roommate at 2010 role as Sara and the las is Searching for Sonny at 2010 role as Eden Mercer.

The announcement comes as a result of a no doubt complicated batch of math and science. (Or more likely she was willing to show up for the photo shoot.) Discussing turning 30, she said: "It is a big one and I love it. I think it's the most exciting birthday I've ever had. I'm so excited to be a woman.

And she also being a Model at age 19 for Playboy Playmate. Here it is again some picture of Minka Kelly

Why People Love Facebook

Posted: 17 Oct 2010 07:53 AM PDT

im so weird why does people very love doing facebook all time, no matter at office hours or school time they always check the status, send wall and share to nearly friend. Well from my investigation these might caused Facebook were booming i got some statistic data from internet about percentage people while using facebook:

1. 10% using for job related

2 20% to commnunicate with family

3. 20% Create facebook fans page

4. and the last 50% people love seeing sexy teenage profile photo picture.

dont ask me, where the Facebook girls phone number, you just same as 12 years junior high schol kid for asking that.

Kiki Amalia Will Get Married

Posted: 15 Oct 2010 07:39 AM PDT

 after being alone for a long time, finally actress kiki amalia has been proposed by goalkeeper Markus Haris , he is goalkeeper TIM NAS PSSI footbal player. About the wedding schedule i still didnt find the information correct, but Kiki Amalia has been outfit the wedding dress at Atmy Atmanto dress designer, and she also still keep secret the wedding schedule .

many roumors tells that kiki these days is completely diffrent with old kiki who likes wearing sexy clothes, now she is considering more religious, wearing "jilbab" , thats god news folks^^.

ok we hope the celebration are perfect well and everyone will happy...Congratz.
kiki amalia

Photo Putri Indonesia 2010

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 09:19 PM PDT

putri indonesia 2010 

After going through a pretty tight competition, finally Emanuela(20) was elected as Central Java, Putri Indonesia 2010. He set aside 17 other female finalists who came from various districts in Central Java. Emmanuella will represent Java middle to follow Puteri Indonesia National Elections on 29 September to 8 October 2010. Winner of both achieved olehYulita Selvia Dian Dwi Stania and won the third. The three winners were from Hyderabad.

In the event the Grand Final of Miss Indonesia Central Java Area last night, Saturday (09/25) in the Hotel Santika Premiere Semarang, before the finalists have to follow a quarantine from 23 Sepetember filled with brbagai debriefing program and social activities, then the participants must go through some selection assessed by five judges composed of Kusumadewi (YPI), School Director Karangturi Hari Santoso, Dicky Wahyudi representing Mustika Ratu, Arief U.S. from IP Organizer and Ricky Fitriyanto representatives from the media
putri indonesia 2010
Present at the event as guest of honor Environment Puteri Indonesia 2009, Zukhriatul Hafizah, Mayor and Mrs. Semarang Central Java Deputy Governor who also witnessed the transfer of the crown of Miss Indonesia Central Java, 2009, Testy Anggeraini to Emanuela, as Puteri Indonesia Central Java 2010.

putri indonesia 2010

Hot Kim Kadarshian Naked on W Magazine

Posted: 11 Oct 2010 08:42 PM PDT

This news really extremely booming on internet, that Kim kadarshian again naked on W magazine, i got some pciture of kim kadarshian but i worried its against for illegal content, altought its already cencored i guess it will fine here. ok contiune about the news, well according from internet source that i read this is not the first time she doing "this" many public opinion  thought that KK was really make this issue to be more hot and hotter, to intend making her name tobe more popular artis. This isnt the best way at all , this is same scandal as Film porno luna maya that make sensational public news.

The W Magazine company also definitely getting many income about this issue with headeline cover Kim Kadarshain naked on front of the magazine. See following picture

W's November 2010 issue is deemed as "art" by the publication. Who knew that so many guys out there are art enthusiasts?

Check out the Kim Kardashian naked photos here,  and by all means here. If you do leave us though please be sure to come back to devour the rest of the delicious content we have to offer!
The sexy picture on the cover is just a little taste  of what's to come when you actually open up the magazine, and I'd be willing to bet that you'll be so fixated on the kim kadarshian W Magazine Nude photos you will almost forget there is an article included with the spread.

Five Way How To Love Your Breasts

Posted: 10 Oct 2010 09:22 PM PDT

When talking about breast cancer in young women, there are the positives and negatives. On the positive side, the risk of esophageal smaller than the old woman. On the negative side, if attacked, the growth of cancer cells more aggressive.

That's according to Debra Mangino, MD, of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, United States. Orderly and healthy lifestyle from an early age becomes important to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Here are five ways to stay healthy to avoid breast cancer, as quoted from the Women's Health.

1. Keep your weight

Excessive weight gain can increase the risk of diseases including cancer. So always keep your weight should not be excessive. Always keep in normal numbers.

2. Reduce alcohol

Research shows two glasses of alcohol per day increases breast cancer risk by 21 percent. If indeed you want to drink wine berlakohol pick. The content of resveratrol in grape skin, can reduce estrogen levels and reduce the risk of cancer.

3. Consumption of green vegetables

Expand the consumption of green vegetables such as broccoli or lettuce. Gynecology sulforaphanenya can fight cancer cells. It would be better if you eat it raw or minimal process, provided through a clean wash.

4. Know family health history

About 15 percent of cases of breast cancer associated with family history. If you have a close relative with cancer, the higher the risk. For that to do general check-ups regularly.

5. Check your own breast

Before bathing, check the breast in front of the mirror. If there is a lump, pain, or other forms of suspicious doctor promptly. Do not assume kelaianan in breast trivial, because it can be fatal.

Nong Poy Sexy Girls Successful Sex Surgery

Posted: 07 Oct 2010 06:25 AM PDT

Nong Poy is one of Thailand Model, sexy, beutiful and talented model.  She has win some awarded for modelling world such as winner of Miss Tiffany's 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004. Soon after, Poy appeared in the 2005 music video Mai Chai Poo Chai (I'm Not a Man) by Doo Ba Doo. Since then, Poy has been renowned throughout Thailand. Soon after, Poy appeared in several Thai television series such as Rak Ther Took Wan (Love You Every Day) and Muay Inter (The Chinese Girl).

Belive it or  not  Nong Poy when a kid the gander was male, and pretend in front of the parent he was a boy. This is has to be something wrong with the genetic and ussually in medical terms its called "ambiguous genitalia" but whatever happend, each person have main rights to choose  their genetic.

Maybe this is bit complicated but after on poy was success to bring her life to big carrier as a model . this is again some of picture of sexy girls Nong Poy : Please if you dont like this post just close your browser or you may go to google, i dont force you to read it, but acctually from this article  you can take the lesson from that we must  struggle for our rights.

See also thailand model Supaksorn Chaimongkol

Happy Salma Get Married on Bali

Posted: 05 Oct 2010 08:18 PM PDT

Sexy artis Happy Salma lately getting married on bali with guy name Cokorda Bagus, the celebration was launch at October 3 , 2010. Many people tought that happy was joking by make statemant want to married on this year . Many of her friend was attend to the party which is Sandra Dewi , Tessa kaunang, Aura Kasih and many more. this is the picture

you also can see the old post about happy salma boob here, so sexy photo and picture

Tera Patrick Celebrity Stars New Movie

Posted: 04 Oct 2010 06:07 PM PDT

Film Industry rintihan kuntilanak perawan has bring big advantage to the personal and company also. Indonesian people seems very like to watch movie that kind of horror or little hot with sexy girls in it. Before this we know the producere of KK Dheeraj has been successful invite Miyabi or we know the name is Maria Ozawa one of Japanese  stars. With debut with several local artis played on movie "menculik Miyabi" even though there was a lot critism from society that movie still launch on cinema. i dont know if there such as money game on it. But let we take a look the new movie that played Tera Patrick, Tera patrick was from Franch and have a big name from united state from being celebrity stars this is the tera patrick photo or foto.

The move was predict will take picture 80% on united stat but the rest in indonesian with using indonesian language. The decision why KK Dheeraj chose Tera Patrick because she has already a lot experince on big cinema and very talented artis. And the release its about on next 16 month.

David Beckham and Irma Nici Scandal

Posted: 28 Sep 2010 01:11 AM PDT

dacid and irma nici

This gossip is well known to all people that David beckham was having affair with Irma Nici, and a lot of question asking who is Irma Nici ?, that girl was said by the news gossip magazine is work on one of restorant waiter on the Ne w York. Before going to New York, Irma Nici was born on Sarajevo, This scandal that caused relationship between David and  Victoria broken.

"Sadly we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it," adds the rep. "We are taking legal action against the magazine."

According to In Touch, Nici claims Beckham agreed to pay her $10,000 to spend one night together during their alleged affair.

After engaging in an hour of steamy foreplay, Nici says she then "whipped out" a condom and had sex with the handsome athlete for 15 minutes.

"He was very gentle and kind. He knew what he was doing," she claims, adding that their tryst was "nothing freaky

david and victoria

5 Sexiest Megan Fox Hot Photo

Posted: 17 Sep 2010 03:57 AM PDT

Sorry if i make a little mistake about the title, i've just got some cool picture and photo of Megan Fox, She was nobatted as the sexiest women model actress from one of online polling on internet and also the most search keyword on search engine. who starred in last year's hit movie Transformers,  grabbed the title from actor Jessica Alba, 26, topping online men's magazine FHM Online reader poll of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World for 2008. So what are you waiting for.

Just have a relax and sit back maybe make some coffe drink it would be nice and some little snack  :D, while im upload this sexy pcitures of  Megan Fox to your computer ok.

Megan Denise Fox is her Sure name  (born May 16, 1986) is an American actress and model. She began her acting career in 2001 with several minor television and film roles, and played a recurring role on Hope and Faith.

well, this enough for today...see you in the next post with same model Megan Fox. Because acctualy i dont like make one post include a lot image in will take  lot resource  from server. For you who fanatic with megan fox, here it is enjoye ;)

Yuni Shara Hot Photo

Posted: 06 Sep 2010 02:48 AM PDT

Yuni Shara is one of the indonesian pop singer, she has beautiful voice good singer. But some people very like her cute face and sexy. you can see some photo of yuni shara here

yuni share profile :

sure name : Wahyu Setyaning Budi

Born : Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Data of Birth : Juni 1972

and has already a son and get divorced at year 2008. after that se only focus to carrier and take care her son. here is the hot  photo of yuni shara

what do you think about yuni shara photo ?

Gosip Foto Mesum Ariel and Aura Kasih ?

Posted: 10 Jun 2010 06:16 PM PDT

a lot of search about ariel "peterporn" and others sexy indonesia selebritis girls having a fair skandal on web search engine. Even the Gossip we all dont know yet the truth of the fact but the public already make big opinian about there act (the selebritis), the moral...and bad atitude. Now new hot gossip is ariel was having a fair with Aura Kasih ? is it Right ? but i dont know for sure...but i have little picture, foto or Photo gambar about aura kasih and ariel skandal. :

dont tell me if this foto aura kasih and ariel is real foto..this is your dessicion to belive it or not...

New Video Cut Tari vs Ariel Hot Free Download

Posted: 07 Jun 2010 03:41 PM PDT

well i cant say anything except the new hot video scene which played by selebritis ..this situation should to be our concerned. Before we already seen video and film porno luna maya and ariel now is diffrent on women actress..the women actress is played by Cut Tari, you can read cut tari profile detail here. didnt have any comment yet, im feel little all of this happend it can be manipulation of trick making video so its look like the real picture..but who know...and also it can be someone indeed want to make ariel reputation to be bad on public, because this video  happend so fast and at the same time. so the decision is on yours.. belive it or not...

heres the picture, photo, gambar that i take from that video film cut tari and ariel..same like video mesum.

Film Porno Luna Maya vs Ariel Free Download Movie

Posted: 04 Jun 2010 04:12 AM PDT

lately, there was rumor about luna maya and ariel peterpan movie skandal, both of them was caught on room and doing like other husband and wife job. Luna Maya denied this statemant at press media telling that the women on that movie wasnt her.

and his talk more about "fitnah". So when we see these some picture let see, who will talk about "fitnah"...the press media or Luna Maya...please check this out, this photo, picture, gambar, image of Luna Maya and ariel was taken from that movie, i find this picture on several source  website..please do have a comment if you have it...

Seee also New Hot Video Cut Tari and Ariel

Ana Celia de Armas Sexy Spanish Babe

Posted: 17 Apr 2010 05:40 AM PDT

did you ever hear about her name ? Ana Celia de Armas was born on Santa Cruz del NOrte @ Cuba. Date of  Birth : April 30, 1988, her Age is 22 right now. She one of   Hot Actress on Spain.

He moved with his family to the capital Havana, where he joined the National Theatre School of Cuba in 14 years.

Filmography :

"Una rosa de Francia" starring with Akex Gonzalez, She later appeared in other films such as "Madrigal" as well as soap operas such as "El último Edén"

She was 16 if she starred in A Rose from France with Alex Gonzalez. This assembly was not alone a able claiming for Ana, but aswell personal, as he had to appearance abundant adventuresomeness and adventuresomeness if his agents at the academy was not accustomed to participate in the blur because that 'not ready'.

The administrator Manuel Gutierrez Aragon was presented to the academy searching for his adolescent protagonist, and admitting denials by teachers, Anne was presented to casting.

This is how, in backward 2005, Ana began her career in foreground of the cameras. Since again he has chock-full working.
Fernando Pérez (Cuban filmmaker) Ana noticed when, in 2006, was presented a rose of France at the Miami Blur Festival, alms it a baby role in his blur Madrigal.
In the average of that year, the ICAIC (Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry) and Antena 3 are alive calm in the telefilm The Lost Eden (second allotment of Path to Eden), attempt in Cuba and which has a role Ana Celia .

Ana Celia de Armas Photo, Foto, Image , Gallery

In 2007 he catholic to Madrid with the ambition of spending time accomplishing castings and, if he did not exist, acknowledgment to Cuba. A anniversary afterwards getting in Spain and had the role of Carolina in the alternation of Antena 3 and Globomedia, El Internado. Today continues to plan in this acknowledged alternation that has becoming advanced acceptance and has opened the aperture to added projects, such as Lies and fat, which started cutting this May and which aswell complex adolescent Yon González

do you have any comment about Ana Celia de Armas Profile or Photo ? let share here :)

Want to know Her Twitter Account ? you can find here :

Women Sexual Arousal

Posted: 08 Mar 2010 02:50 PM PST

a lot more women think about their body, the faster they become sexually aroused. The experienced experts and therapists is already known, but now it is also demonstrated for the first time in a real scientific research. The study by psychologists from the University of Texas at Austin will appear in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

The relationship between body image and interest in sex is not a completely unexplored area. The existing studies relate to women who have undergone operations which doctors believe they reduce interest in sex. Those studies show that women are more beautiful, the easier they get meaning in sex. Although websites, magazines and newspapers bulge of documents on sex, there has never been a study similar to ordinary women.

The researchers did a test with 85 students, all sexually active. Half of them had a serious relationship.

With questionnaires, the researchers determined how the students thought about their bodies. They asked the women how long and heavy they were, and determined their BMI.

Then the researchers showed the women an erotic story to read. That story was "developed in our laboratory, specifically written for female readers, and described a man and a woman engaging in consensual foreplay and intercourse. [Go ahead. "Developed in our laboratory. That must have been a terrible story horny.] After the steaming hot psycho porn full consensual sex had read, the students filled the Scale of Subjective Sexual Arousal in Heiman and Rowland. They had for example, whether they are "sexually turned on" or "genital tenseness or tightness" feeling, or a desire to be close to someone.

The erotic story led to some sexual excitement, the researchers said. The BMI of the students was of no consequence. But if the students thought they were overweight, they were less excited. The most important psychological factor was whether the students themselves beautiful and sexually attractive felt. How attractive they found themselves, the greater was their degree of excitement.

How simple it is also management survey, the findings are interesting for therapists. Most women sexual problems due to therapy do so because they like to have more interest in sex. The results of sex therapy are often disappointing. Women are more likely to subscribe to a nice gym, where people still walk around with an understanding of nutrition.

The management survey is also worthwhile for men who complain that they get enough sex. They must stop complaining and make their women feel beautiful.

Tyas Mirasih Scene Cut Movie

Posted: 25 Nov 2009 03:17 PM PST

Here is it, some of pic Tyas Mirasih. If you dont know her..she is one of Indonesian model, celebrities and also magazine popular model. This is some photo Tyas on Air Terjun Pengantin Movie

biography/ biodata :
Name : Tyas Mirasih
Sure Name : Tyas Mirasih Endah
Date Birth : April 8 1987
Age : 22 Years

She become popular right now, also she is girlfriend of vocalist The Changcuters band

FHM : Cathy Sharon Live Version VJ MTV

Posted: 20 Jul 2009 05:48 AM PDT

Catherine Sharon Gasnier was also known by Catherine Sharon or Cathy is a VJ MTV Indonesia and also an actress. Cathy have some Franch Blood from her family also mix from manado and tionghoa. She really cute and sexy girl, but on tv she sometime be rather little shy, i dont know for sure. She is also the sister of Julia Estelle You can check her Biodata, profile, picture Catherine Sharon or image below :

Profile :
Sure Name : Catherine Sharon Gasnier
Nick Name : Cathy
Born : Jakarta, 8 October 1982

Julia Perez and Friend

Posted: 05 Jun 2009 12:10 AM PDT

Julia perez and friend

alay detected

Wulan Guritno Photo Gallery and Profile

Posted: 04 Jun 2009 05:12 AM PDT

Wulan Guritno is beauty actress and also multi talented actress. She performe on several indonesian movie, modeling, short movie etc.

Wulan Guritno Profile and Biodata :

Sure Name : Wulan Guritno
Date of Birth : London, 14 April 1980

let see the sexy photo Wulan Guritno

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